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Why Aya?

Known for it's ability to grow and flourish in tough and adverse conditions, the "aya" or fern represents endurance and resourcefulness during difficult times. The word "aya" is also associated with themes of strength, creativity, beauty, hope, and goodness. These principles are incorporated into each session at Aya Psychological and Wellness Services, LLC.

Aya Psychological and Wellness Services, LLC, provides an open, engaging, and nonjudgmental environment where you can freely express your concerns and communicate what you hope to accomplish during the therapeutic process.

At Aya Psychological and Wellness Services, LLC, you will receive treatment that is personalized to suit your needs.  So if you: 

  • Are struggling with the negative impact of traumatic events you've experienced

  • Need help coping with the psychological impact of health concerns

  • Are looking for relief from the stress of dealing with daily hassles

  • Are experiencing grief, depression, and/or anxiety

  • Want to reduce discord in your family

  • Want to get your life back on track

Call Dr. King to schedule an appointment today.

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